April Showers Bring Attention to Drainage Problems

bad drainageApril showers bring May flowers. These showers also bring attention to the drainage problems in your yard.

With all the recent rain we’ve been having here in Maine, you know if you have a drainage problem right now. Constant puddles and wet, mucky areas in the yard. Standing water. Flooding of walkways. Saturated grass that’s too wet to mow, even after the rain has come and gone.

If you wait for the grass to dry or the big puddles in your yard to evaporate, the problem will never go away. In fact, it might get worse. And all that water can damage the nice landscaping you have in place.

Late winter / early spring (now!) is a good time to take care of drainage issues because you can call someone like us out to take a look at the problem while it is obvious.

Call us when the moisture is noticeable, and we can come up with some solutions for you.

The good news is that there are some simple, affordable solutions to help fix your drainage problems. Solutions that don’t include a big, ugly drain spout that only shifts water to a different location.

At M. J. Storey Landscape Construction, we install

  • Gutter drains – an underground piping system that catches gutter water and removes it from your property
  • French drains – where we fill a trench with crushed stone in a saturated or standing water area, giving the water a place to go
  • Drainage Swale and Grading– designed to manage water runoff

If you’re in Maine, and you can’t mow or can’t walk through your yard because it’s too wet and mucky, contact us now. We can see where your problem is and help you come up with the best solution for your drainage problem.

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