Yard & Landscape Materials Delivered To You!

Dark Mulch
$48 per yard
Organic Compost
$64 per yard
Certified Playground Wood Chips
$54 per yard
Loam (Screened)
$37 per yard
Loam/Compost Mix
$55 per yard
Nutri-Mulch (Compost/Mulch Mix)
$54 per yard
Loam Fill
$22 per yard
¾” Crushed Gravel
$35 per yard
¾” Crushed Stone
$52 per yard
Drain Sand
$26 per yard


One yard minimum for delivery. Delivery fees are as follows (mileage is calculated from 224 Middle Rd. Cumberland, ME 04021):

1 to 5 miles
5 to 10 miles
10 to 15 miles
15+ miles


Order Materials Now!

Order Materials Now!

Payment and/or type of payment must be received in order for materials to be scheduled for delivery. If paying with cash or check, and you are not home, it must be left in an envelope for the driver. Description of where they can find the envelope is required. Driver will not deliver or leave materials if they do not have payment.

Materials are delivered every Friday from April 1st - July 4th and subsequent Fridays as needed. Online orders placed after 10:00am on Fridays will be delivered the following Friday. Wednesday deliveries are available upon request, however there is limited availability. Please call with any questions or to place your order over the phone.

Your total calculated charge will be emailed to you. Thank you!