Restore and Protect Your Hardscapes, Don’t Replace Them

M. J. Storey Landscape Construction has installed hardscapes in Maine for more than a decade. Over the years, we’ve recognized the need for a specialized service that focuses on preserving these beautiful hardscapes and preventing deterioration. We’re excited to announce the launch of a new company, Perfect Pavers.

Maine has the harshest climate for hardscapes, yet there aren’t any companies out there protecting these hardscapes. While our Canadian neighbors up north freeze during the winter, we go through constant freeze-thaw cycles throughout the season. The harsh weather, time, and regular human traffic takes a toll on Maine hardscapes. Think of it this way. If you leave your car outside for 10 years, without any maintenance, how is that car going to look after a few years?

People put a lot of money into their patios, walkways, and other hardscapes, but they tend to forget to maintain them. After a while, surfaces start to wear, colors fade, and pavers shift. If you don’t protect your investment, you end up having to pay for a whole new hardscape installation down the road. Unfortunately, the proper maintenance techniques, such as cleaning, sealing, and joint stabilization aren’t practical for the average homeowner to perform by themselves.

Perfect Pavers provides high quality hardscape restoration, maintenance, cleaning, joint stabilization and sealing services to commercial and residential clients in Maine. Our services restore existing hardscapes such as concrete pavers and steps, clay brick, natural stonewalls and patios, to an original or enhanced appearance. We restore the critical components that allow your hardscape to function, which increases the longevity. Our professionals are all ICPI and Techniseal certified, so you know the job will be done right.

Find out more about how restoring your hardscape can save you money in the long run. Visit the Perfect Pavers website or contact us at (207) 829-4345.

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